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Analytics Consultancy

You can rely on our help to get the most of your customers' online activity.​

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Get Technical

Insights that provide you with the power to fully understand your business.

Use the data that Google provides you with to revolutionize how you do business. See where your clients are from, understand how they traverse your website, and convert these visitors into clients that book a stay at your campground. By using better keywords, optimizing your content, and following the suggestions Google lays out begin to rank higher in your clients search results.
Rank Higher
Optimizing your website for Googles search algorithm practically guarantees that you will begin to rank higher in the SERPs. Higher ranking equals more visits and more bookings.
Gain Understanding
Understand your customers visit to your website. Know which pages are the most popular and begin to understand where they are getting stuck in your sales funnel.
Improve Experiences
Allowing seamless experiences for your customers is extremely important. Understanding how long your website takes to load and how user friendly it is are all important aspects of analytics.

We are providing better analyticssolutionresults for you

Empowering our clients with the data they need to make smart business decisions is at the forefront of what we do at rvResortScouts. Specializing in analytics consultancy we have a team full of members that can help guide you and give you a plan on how to take your website to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Question

These are the most Frequently asked questions on Analytics Consultancy.


The basis of an analytics consultancy is for you as a client to gain a better understanding of your business as a whole. We go over the most important data points and help you understand what the data is telling you. Most of the time we are going over things such as visitor landing pages, bounce rate, SEO qualities, and number of visitors visiting your website. Of course this is not all we go over but these are some of the major areas that we look at and attempt to improve. The main purpose of this service is understanding. By the end you should feel confident that you know what your data is telling you and the direction that you need to take in order to make the most out of these new insights.
During the analytics consultancy phase we will not be making any changes. Of course there are other packages where we will make changes and attempt to enhance your websites performance. Rather than making changes we give you a better understanding of what the data is telling you. You can then decide to implement these changes, disregard the data, or enlist our help as we try to improve your overall ranking.
The answer here is actually quite simple. You might not need all of our services and if you decide to purchase a service that in reality you were already performing well in then you might not see a huge difference. Instead we always suggest that you book an appointment to better understand your business. Look at it from a birds eye view and look at what the data is telling you and where you need the most help.
In order to get an analytics consultancy booking we charge a fee of $100 dollars per session. This will give you a complete understanding of your business based on what the data is telling us.


No, the whole process is done by our team at rvResortScout. They will provide you with the data and give you a breakdown of what the data is telling us. From there you will be in a better, more informed position to make the needed changes to your business.
We use Google’s Search console as well as a number of third party software services that collect and interpret data. Once this data is compiled we then present it to you in a digestible manner while offering solutions to your most pressing issues.
No we present the data exactly as we get it from the software that we use. All we do is interpret the data and present it to you as we understand it.
We do not suggest making a series of major changes at one time. The reason behind this is Google will consistently be scanning your website and it could be one little thing that improves your ranking. Changing too many things at once does not allow us to effectively eliminate the issues. While the issues may leave there is no way in knowing exactly what change was the biggest benefit to your website.

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