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Pay Per Click

We optimize PPC campaigns day-by-day to make sure you get the best value.​

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Effective Advertising

PPC campaigns can help increase traffic to your website

Running effective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns is on of the fastest ways to increase your business bottom line. You are using the power of Google and or Facebook to help drive visitors to your website. So long as your website already has an effective sales funnel this ia a surefire way to increase your bookings. We Help monitor and maintain your campaigns so it delivers the best results.
Use Google and Facebook to help propel your campground to the front of people’s search results. Being listed in the top 5 gives you a competitive edge over your competitors.
Before changing your existing campaign or running a new campaign from scratch we must first analyze your target audience. This allows us to maximize the effectiveness of your ads.
PPC campaigns are one of the most effective ways to drive more traffic to your website and therefore more conversions. Maximize your revenue using effective PPC Campaigns.

We are providing better campaignssolutionsresults for you

Crafting an effective PPC campaign is a science. Knowing who to target, how to target them, and where to target them plays a huge role in a campaign’s effectiveness. Using data that we have collected over the years we tailor your specific campaign to meet your needs. Taking into account the budget, duration, and desired effectiveness.

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Frequently Asked Question

These are the most frequently asked questions for Pay-Per-Click campaigns.


At its core PPC marketing is “Pay-per-click is an internet advertising model used to drive traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked”. To simplify this even further you are basically paying Google to help advertise your website. You will now pop up as one of the first websites when a potential client types in a certain keyword into Google’s search box.
The short answer is yes. A definitive yes as a matter of fact. An effective PPC marketing campaign can drive tons of traffic to your website which in turn when accompanied by a proper sales funnel can lead to massive bookings increases.
This depends on the number of campaigns you are optimizing and the level of work needed on each campaign. In order to get an accurate quote book a “Discovery Meeting” with our marketing specialist today.
While you may be paying for social media campaigns and perhaps are getting good results, the simple fact is that you are not capturing your full potential audience. Google has the ability to place you front and center when potential clients are looking to make a campground booking in your area. With Googles help and a well optimized campaign you are virtually guaranteed to increase your bookings.


Organic vs pay-per-click advertising generally differentiated by:
  • Paid (PPC) searches can are usually launched quickly and are visible to potential clients as soon as the campaign is launched.
  • While organic search engine optimization (SEO) generally takes months to show a return on investment (ROI).
  • In addition, PPC searches can focus on a variety of keyword phrases. While organic SEO focuses on research keyword phrases that are deemed to rank.
  • Also, PPC campaigns are highly measurable. While tracking results on organic search (SEO) can be highly technical.
In truth you need very little tech experience. Once you give us permission to run your PPC campaign we handle all the technicalities. We will provide you with updates on how well your campaigns are performing on a monthly basis and you can sit back and relax as you reap the benefits.
While the team at rvResortScout will run the full campaign. All the work will be done through Google Ads. This allows us to have a full view of your data, insights provided by Google, and the ability to make the needed changes to make your campaign run more effectively.
Of course, after all this is your data. You will have a login and the ability to view data and see how your campaigns are progressing. Remember you will also be receiving monthly reports on how well your campaign is performing.

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