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Social Media Marketing

Your brand's voice will be heard on every social channel where your prospects are.​

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Build Brand Loyalty

Engage, receive feedback, and build brand recognition

Social media provides the perfect platform for engaging conversations, immediate feedback, and the ability to showcase your campground. It further provides ways to instantly fix problems or showcase positive feedback. Brand loyalty will build ambassadors and help you retain customers long term. Social Media marketing builds trust and loyalty by brand awareness, which forms a sense of loyalty between you and your clients. While creating a competitive edge over your competition by getting to know more about your customers, leading to better ways to serve them.
The Big Three
When talking about social media channels you can’t leave out the “BIG 3”: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. These three channels will drive the majority of your social media traffic and allow you to engage with the largest amount of potential clients. rvResortScout gives you the option to automate your social media postings making them that much more effective.
Instant Feedback
The beauty of social media is that it is driven by the here and now. This means that you have the ability to know instantly what someone thinks about you and your campground. regardless if they are having a pleasant or unpleasant stay they will most likely post about it. This gives you the opportunity to directly fix negative experience and to show the community that you care.
Brand Loyalty
The level of customer service provided by a brand to potential guest plays a huge role in whether or not a customer returns. Brand loyalty will build ambassadors and help you retain customers long term. If you can give your audience an experience they won’t find anywhere else, you can keep them coming back. Social media is the perfect platform to begin to form these long lasting relationships.

We are providing better engagementresultsinteractions for you

Social media is an ever changing landscape. We want to make sure that you have the tools and a team behind you that knows how to stay ahead of the curve. Well thought out social media marketing can increase a busnesses nottom line by hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

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Frequently Asked Question

A collection of the most frequently asked questions about our Social Media Marketing package.


We first do a complete overview of your social media presence. We make sure that you have a running Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profile. From there we are able to diagnose how many followers you have and if your message is being received effectively. Once we have done this initial overview we craft a plan to help drive more followers, engage with more potential clients, and send a message that gives you the results you are looking for. We will present you with a few different plans and you will be able to choose the one that best fits your business. These plans include things such as automated posting, content creation, and constant monitoring of your social media profiles.

In short, the answer is yes. Let’s dig deeper.

  • Just because you do not take an interest in Social Media doesn’t mean Social Media isn’t interested in you. People leave reviews of their stays, what they liked, and disliked, and ask questions about the area. You might not see all that, but your potential customers will. That’s because they will Google your business before booking a stay. Research shows that over 80% of people do that just that before deciding on a trip.
  • Social media is where your target audience is. With a few rare exceptions, people of all ages, interests, and socio-economic statuses are on social media. “Every popular Social Media platform has a more significant reach than all TV channels combined.”
  • If done right, Social Media marketing builds trust and loyalty by brand awareness, which forms a sense of loyalty between you and your clients. While creating a competitive edge over your competition by getting to know more about your customers better, you can serve them in ways you would not have thought before.
We focus on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter because we have found that these three social media sources send by far the most traffic to our client’s websites. This in turn when combined with the proper sales funnels and stunning websites results in a massive uptick in bookings. We also find that by narrowing your focus to these three main players you are not bogged down by trying to focus on the hundreds of other social media services that are out there.
Typically our plans are on a month by month basis. Depending on what you are looking for they can range between $20-100 dollars a month. The higher-end comes when deciding on if you want constant monitoring and if you will be using our platforms to send out your post. Of course, this can vary significantly depending on if you need to hire a designer to help craft your post and messages. In order to get a better idea of the total cost book your “Discovery Meeting” with our marketing expert today.


In reality, very little tech work will be required to stay on top of your social media channels. Once you automate the process you can manage it in as little as 1-2 hours a month. By simply inserting your monthly content into the automation platform you will already have all of your posts ready to go for the whole month. But this also depends on the plan that you choose. Without automation, it does become significantly more time-consuming. Instead of 1-2 hours a month it can easily be 2-3 hours a week in content creation and posting.
We will use our in house marketing network to push out your content?

Yes, we can also push content to your blogs. Typically this falls into the “content marketing” service but we will work with you on pricing if you are also in need of automating your process.

Yes, we offer plans that will automate your social media post. While you will still be responsible for the content we have platforms that will push out your message to your followers.

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