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Conversion Optimization

Convert more leads into customers than ever thanks to the detail-oriented process.​

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Increase Your Bottom Line

Clean up your sales funnel & convert your website visitors into customers

Optimizing your existing sales funnel is crucial to any business’s success. Ensuring that you are capturing as many potential clients as possible not only increases your bottom line but provides a seamless transaction process for your customers. Even a small uptick in your conversion percentage can correlate to thousands of extra dollars a year.
Site Analysis
In order to gain a better understanding of your current process. We run a full analysis of your site and understand the steps a customer would have to go through from landing on your homepage to actually makeing a booking.
Funnel Optimization
We now draft a plan of action and upon your approval we make the needed changes to signifcantly increase your conversion rate. Remeber even a slightly better conversion rate can correlate to thousands of dollars a year.
We test your new conversion strategy. This ensures that there are no hiccups and your visitors can easily make a booking. Third-party testing ensures that the whle porcess gets a fresh pair of eyes to look over any possible mistakes.

We are providing better conversion ratesbottom linessolutions for you

It is our aim to provide all of our customers with the tools and resources to maximize their bottom line. using our proven conversion optimization strategies this can be achieved. Most of our clients experience an uptick of 5% which directly correlates to thousands of dollars per year.

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Frequently Asked Question

Check out some of our most frequently asked questions on conversion optimization and how it can help your website.


Conversion optimization is a process that entails looking at your website’s sales funnels. Ensuring that you are capturing as many clients by having a smooth transaction process. We take a look at how you guide your customer right into making a booking at your campground. It is important that there are no snags along the way, that means having accurate information, an easy to use booking process, and proper landing pages that guides your client from start to finish.
While we already use methods that have been proven to work time and time again we take it a step further. We use third-party services that directly help us test the efficiency of your sales funnel. Using their feedback we can make sure that your funnel is maximized for efficiency.
Typically from start to finish this whole process lasts about three weeks. We take the first week to completely analyze your funnel and create a plan to make the desired changes. Once you approve this plan we can then set it into action and depending on the amount of work needed can take up to a week. During the last stage, we test and ensure that your funnel is efficient, making the needed changes along the way.
Since each case is looked at on an individual basis it is impossible to tell how much your package would cost. The factors that we take into account are how quickly it needs to get done, the amount of work needed to make the changes, and how well built your funnel is currently. In order to get the most accurate pricing book a “Discovery Meeting” today with one of our marketing specialists to get an idea of the cost.


Nope not at all. The team at rvResortScout will help guide you through the whole process and in fact, will do 99% of the work for you. All we are going to need is your permission to make the changes on your website and we handle the rest. You’ll come back in and help us if we need to change any content in order to better optimize your sales funnel.
If you chose to do so we can. We have plans in place that will allow us to check your data every month, three months, or six months and report on the effectiveness of your funnel. This can help make determinations on if any changes are needed. Typically clients who make a fair amount of bookings directly through their website will choose this option. This keeps them up to date with the information and gives them the ability to make changes when needed.
We use a mixture of Google Analytics and other services that allow us to gain a better understanding of your data. While they have access to your website traffic data and how efficient your website funnels are they do not have permission to make any changes.
No, we never make any changes without first getting our clients approval.

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