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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a key part of any website as it's the primary way that users navigate the web.​

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SEO Importance

An SEO plan can take a business and turn it around

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is remarkable in the fact that it can take your business and with the right practices completely change your bottom line. While you may think you have good content that meets your users needs, at the end of the day Google has the final say. Ensuring that your website meets all of Googles “checkboxes” vastly increases your websites chance to be seen and therefore clicked on.
Search Engine Optimization helps Google understand exactly what information you are trying to get across. When Google looked at your website it decides the relevancy of the information. By having the proper links, keywords, and more you can help increase your ranking.
Before we launch a plan to help increase your ranking we determine where you are currently sitting. This allows us to see where your doing well and where you might be falling short. Once this is established we can come up with a plan to propel you forward.
SEO is result driven. This means that you will know how effective the SEO plan was based on where you sit in the SERPs. Unfortunately these changes do not happen overnight. Sometimes they can be made in as little as a few weeks but often they take up to three months.

We are providing better solutionsSEOresults for you

We believe in a scientific approach to SEO. While the results may not come as fast as other boosting methods these results are here to stay as long as you keep up with Googles request. A solid SEO plan leads to a solid uptick in business.

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Frequently Asked Question

These are our most frequently asked questions on Search Engine Optimization.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your website look good in the eyes of Google. When Google checks out your website they essentially have a checklist of items that they are looking for. The more of these checkboxes you can check off the higher you will rank. Some of the most important are good web design/fast load times, well written content, and if you are listing important contact information for your clients. By having all of this complete you are hoping to become more visible in the eyes of Google leading to more potential clients landing on your website.
A well thought out and effectively implemented SEO plan can take up to three months to truly take hold. This is because you are at the mercy of Google. Google typically sends “spiders” to crawl your website every few weeks but sometimes this can take months. The longer it takes for Google to check out you newly optimized website the longer it takes for your search rankings to improve. This is no reason to panic though, most of the time these changes can appear in as little as a week or two and you get feedback on the effectiveness of your optimization strategy.
This depends on the extent of the SEO campaign. While some of our clients only require minor tweaks other require complete makeovers of their website. Book a “Discovery Meeting” to get an accurate quote.
While it is possible to take this task and attempt to do it yourself it is not recommended. There are a number of different variables that come into successfully implementing a SEO plan. If done the wrong way this can do more harm than good to your website. You can decrease in search traffic and lead to even less bookings. It is best to have a team of knowledgeable SEO experts implementing your SEO plan.


No, the team at rvResortScout will handle the whole process for you. Once you give us permission to make changes on your behalf we will begin implementing your SEO plan.
Depending on the platform your website is built on we will use different tactics based on what you are currently using.
There are more than 200 factors that directly influence the relevancy of your page rank. Here are of the important factors that directly contribute to page rank:
  • Backlinks: a link to a site is seen as a vote for that site. The more links a page gets, the better. Links from domains with a high authority are more valuable.
  • On-page factors: such as the title of the page, formatting, content, images and so on.
  • Domain age: as a rule of thumb; older is better.
  • Update frequency: frequently posting new articles or updating pages generally has a positive effect.
While researchers have identified several important factors like the few mentioned, there are still many factors that are known only to search companies like Google and Microsoft. As search engines get smarter these factors change and thus we are always learning and figuring out factors that infuence placement.

There are several causes which might prevent your site from showing up in the search results.

Try performing a site: search in Google (e.g.: to see if it has been indexed yet.

  • If you see a list of pages, then your site has been crawled and indexed by Google.
  • If not, you get a message that it has not yet been indexed or that it might have been removed from the index due to violating Google’s Guidelines.

If your site did show up, you probably need to work on your site authority. Publish unique content that solves visitors’ needs and try to earn links from relevant, authoritative domains.

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